How We Got Started


How many times have you gone fishing for crappies, trout, walleye, sauger, bass or other fish, maybe with a friend, child, grandson or wife, set your big, heavy bait bucket down and found the fish weren’t biting at that spot?  You look around and see several places in the vicinity you would like to try.  Maybe your friend wants to try one spot, you another.   So your friend takes a minnow and goes off a hundred feet to one spot, you pick up the bucket and try another spot.  Pretty soon your friend loses his bait and has to walk all the way back and get another minnow.  You see two places you want to try, a 30-foot pier and a little cove with a brush pile to your right.  To avoid carrying the bucket, you walk out on the pier, cast in, lose your minnow and have to walk back to your main bucket.


If you think about it, you realize that situations occur almost every fishing trip where it would be nice to be free to walk away from, or not have to return too often to your main bait bucket. This is why we invented Quick Minnow.  It is a wonderful, fun, easy to use complement to your main bait bucket.  It gives you freedom to wander, to explore, to wade a stream or the edge of a lake, to share bait with a friend, child, wife or grandson and, in a boat, to reduce trips to the bait well or bucket.  And, if you are in cold weather, you can dispense a minnow with minimal wetting of your hands.